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CHEF ART is a Taiwanese brand, and its work from manufacturing, packaging to sales is carried out in a factory that complies with laws and regulations and holds a certificate in Taiwan. In addition to the high saturation, strong color rendering and food safety, our edible chocolate color powder and edible glitter series can also help customers save costs, and the usage can be reduced by nearly half under the same color demand.

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    CHEF ART was born in Taiwan in 2019 and is a brand of MINGYU (Mingyu International Trade Co., Ltd.). Its main products include chocolate powder, food colorants, food additives, baking mold materials, etc. CHEF ART's products, from raw materials, manufacturers, production lines to the packaging area, are all in compliance with regulations and are regularly inspected, and they are absolutely checked for consumers in food safety.


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    CHEF ART's master courses are not only held in Taiwan, but also occasionally hold short-term foreign courses to lead customers and chefs to experience exotic styles and the professional-level baking courses.




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